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How much does your Reverse Osmosis System cost?

We offer a free estimate on all drinking water treatment systems, softener products and RO
systems. We will come to your home or office and recommend a water purification system
specifically for you based on your water usage.

How often do I need to change my
Reverse Osmosis filters?

We recommend changing the filters on
your water purifier system every six
months depending on your water usage
for good clean drinking water. You
should also consult your owner's manual.

I am not getting any soft water.

First, check and make sure your water softener
has salt in the brine tank. If the tank has salt in it along with some water you can check the
owner's manual trouble-shooting tips or call Royale Plumbing.

I have plenty of salt in my brine tank but I am still not getting soft water.

You could have surpassed the reserve capacities of your unit. Follow the instructions in the
owner's manual and start a manual regeneration cycle after you are done running water for the

What are the differences between a two-stage RO unit and a five-stage RO unit?

The two-stage unit uses two water filters while the five-stage unit uses five water filters. The
latter gives you better quality drinking water as it filters out more impurities to give you pure

I have low pressure at my Reverse Osmosis spout.

This could mean you need to change your water filters. If that does not resolve the problem,
check the trouble-shooting section of the owner's manual or call Royale Plumbing.

My RO system quit producing water.

The first thing to check is the RO drain to make sure it is not plugged at the point where it ties
into the kitchen drain line. Consult the owner's manual for your water filtration system if the
problem is not resolved or call Royale Plumbing.
Does your drinking water taste bitter? Consider installing an RO system
or water treatment for fresher water, glass after glass. The Reverse
Osmosis water filtration systems that we install use the latest technology
to purify and filter your water.

Do you have water spots on every surface? A water softener will result
in a dramatic reduction of visible spots on every surface around the water
area as well as decrease your need for heavy detergents when washing
dishes and clothes.
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