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Royale Plumbing offers an incredible solution to high-energy costs associated with Conventional
Water Heaters. They are Tankless Water Heaters. Tankless Water Heaters have no tank where
water is constantly heated, even when it is not being used!  Tankless Water Heaters use a system
where water flows over a heat exchanger converting tap water into hot water immediately.  
When the faucet, shower, or laundry is not in use, a computer sensor tells the heat exchanger to
turn off.  

It is estimated that the average home’s energy bill is 30% of the
monthly total.  Tankless Water Heaters use much less power
saving you on your monthly energy costs! 
Tankless Water Heaters   
Proper Installation of Hot Water Heaters
Maintenance of Hot Water Heaters
Gas Hookup to Gas Hot Water Heaters
Leak Repair
Setting of Proper Pressure In your Hot Water Heater
Hot Water Heater Services provided by Royale Plumbing:
Royale Plumbing uses only the highest quality hot water heaters.  We will take the time to
analyze your specific needs for your home or business, ensuring that you have plenty of hot
water throughout the day. Royale Plumbing also carries many different models of energy
efficient hot water heaters to help save money on your energy costs.

Some of the Quality Brands of Water Heaters carried by Royale Plumbing:
American Water Heaters
A.O. Smith
Bradford White
General Electric
Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters
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